Digital Marketing Mistakes by Startups in Pakistan is very common, as a startup, you truly need to center around what kind of Marketing effort will get you the best value for your money. As new Entrepreneurs, startups founders are very desperate to hit the market with their Digital Marketing efforts but mostly failed to understand the mistakes they commit in this process.

Digital Marketing Mistakes by Startups in Pakistan

To truly take your Digital Marketing to next level that produces outcomes for peoples not just you have to complete your digital marketing tasks correctly, you have to sidestep Digital Marketing mistakes that Startups in Pakistan usually does.

Here are three common slip-ups in Digital Marketing by startups that have been observed in Pakistani Market, fixing any or all of them can have a huge impact on your Digital Marketing ROI.

Fail to Connect Digital Marketing with Business Goals

Every Startup in Pakistan is very fond of posting on Facebook, As an Entrepreneur, you need to guard why your startup chooses to devote their time and energy on that digital marketing activity from a business viewpoint. It may be great for the self-esteem that you got 12 shares on a Blog, but how that likes or shares actually lead to revenue?

Just like any other industry, your startup needs to accomplish revenue. The way to reach this revenue with digital marketing is to have all of your activities directing towards your business goals.

The finest way to rectify the mistake of Digital Marketing without business goals is to create a Marketing Funnel. Since not all of your Digital Marketing outcomes in an immediate sale, this Marketing funnel will have sequences of stages, starting with a small business objective like getting your Domain, website, Email Address, Business cards etc, all aligned.

After you have charted out your Marketing funnel, you have moved your mind towards viewing your Digital Marketing through a business lens. Use this lens to see what Digital Marketing activities really raise the sales spike.

If the Digital Marketing action does not move users near your business objective, you can either halt spending your time and money on that specific activity or re-align your strategy and check to see if it is possible to attain business objectives with it.

Marketing On Too Many Platforms

The Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes by Startups in Pakistan is trying to discover every channel of Digital Marketing and finally ends up exploring them all poorly.

The right way to correct this mistake is to start your Digital Marketing with one or two platforms and devote your time and power becoming industry best on that particular channel.

Once you have learned the trade of that channel, you can grow or further can explore other channels in your Digital strategy.

To select the ideal channel for your startup, research which channels your customers usually visits. After Research,  spend time on those platforms and add value to that channel, that will finally increase your sales outcome.

Trying To Market to Everybody

Another Digital Marketing Mistakes by Startups in Pakistan is to Market everybody they know. If you try to mark everyone, you target no one. This is a mistake that we all expert, by default.

The normal consumer is exposed to more than 6000 messages per day, which means your Digital Marketing messages need to stand out for your audience.

If your startup has an audience that is too different with an extensive range of wants, needs, and desires you will be unable to create Digital Marketing messages that relate to anyone.

Moreover, with this huge audience, your Marketing messages is challenging against a much larger group of competitors. You want to mark a narrow niche and generate messages specific to them.

You can mark your specific audience by demographics, such as age, gender, income, location etc. Thinning your message down generates a sense for that group member that it is just for them.

From experience we have found that modifying marketing messages to a specific audience:

•  Rises the click-through rates of PPC

•  Increases the ROI on ad spend

•  Doubles the amount of response on the social networks

As a startup, you have an inadequate budget and limited time to achieve your Digital Marketing goals. As you lack the expertise and resources of larger companies, so you should be careful in avoiding the above mistakes.






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