What is SEO in Digital Marketing Scenario? According to a Study, 60% of customers spend 85% or more of their total time in product research.  The number one initial step for the online shopping experience is with a search engine. This means optimizing your website for organic Search is an important success factor for your business.

It’s not adequate to have a website. It’s important to make sure your website is organized and covers content that is related to your visitors as well as the search engines. Optimizing the structure and content of your website will help you develop your business and increase sales.

Don’t be fooled by marketing agencies who “promise” top rankings in search results and put their effort only on keywords.

What is SEO in Digital Marketing?

SEO marketing also stated as Search Engine Optimization, it’s the procedure of growing the visibility of a website on search engine results pages. There are many aspects that need to be taken into thought as a part of your plan. A rock-hard strategy consists of more than just keywords.

It should contain thought how search engines work, which search engines are being used by your target audience, and what your customers are probing for. The goal is to progress the relevance of your website so that it is crawled and well positioned by the search engines.

Search engine optimization is not only about writing a lot of content. It also comprises of the design of your website. It’s about creating the right content. Search engines take the superiority of content and the structure of a website into consideration when “standing” a website.

SEO marketing isn’t somewhat you do once and then you are done. The playing field is continually changing as the search engines refine the way they work. The goal of a search engine is to bring the most relevant results possible to the searcher. This shows that What is SEO in Digital Marketing World.

Why is SEO Marketing Important?

Eight out of ten people use the internet to shop. The number one initial point is search. Gone are the days of bookmarks and customer devotion. Today’s consumer is in charge. They know what they’re up to for and they know how to find it. If your business website isn’t on the first page of results it’s practically unseen.


My Industry is Local – Is SEO Marketing still Important?

According to Google’s research, 90% of internet users use search to find local industries. People used to use the Yellow Pages to find native businesses – today they use the internet.

Every business should have a website and every business owner should have a simple understanding of how search engines work and have a marketing strategy in place.

What is SEO in Digital Marketing the figures speak for themselves:

  • 75% of online users do local searches
  • 22% of all search queries are related to the location
  • 44% of search engine users are seeing for a local business
  • 62% of local searches result in a buying
  • 83% of local searchers follow up with an offline contact such as a telephone call, a visit to the location, or a purchase



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